Hey everyone! My name is Joey Casale, I’m the creator and main writer for “Frizzled Psyche”, a blog I created to express my opinions on music, movies, TV, sports, and just media in general. I have always had a habit of analyzing music and movies, and have been writing reviews of media I have consumed for years now. Until now I have only wrote on my laptop for no audience because I haven’t had a platform to share my writing on. Part of the reason I decided to create “Frizzled Psyche” is that I started to feel that writing only for myself is equivalent to yelling at the TV or talking to myself, so even if one other person reads this I would consider it a success. I also hope to hone in my writing skills, and nothing helps improve your writing then writing everyday. So I don’t know if a lot of people are going to read this or if anyone is going to read this at all, but I plan on posting articles multiple times a week for a few months and then see where we stand after that. Including myself I have a few friends that are also interested in sharing some of their writings, which I feel will give “Frizzled Psyche” a wide range of voices on many different subjects. I don’t have much of a plan, but I will be starting out by posting a “Song of the Week”, every week on Wednesday and album reviews on some of the summer’s biggest albums and movies. I hope to build a small following of readers and suggests or tips on content are always welcome. Thank you for reading. Peace.


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